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cppxmlobj File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
ascii.h [code]
asciitab.h [code]
reflect/test/bar.cpp [code]
persist/test/bar.cpp [code]
reflect/test/bar.hpp [code]
persist/test/bar.hpp [code]
base.cpp [code]
reflect/test/base.hpp [code]
persist/test/base.hpp [code]
reflect/test/c_base.cpp [code]
persist/test/c_base.cpp [code]
reflect/test/c_base.hpp [code]
persist/test/c_base.hpp [code]
reflect/test/c_ref.hpp [code]
persist/test/c_ref.hpp [code]
reflect/test/c_vector.hpp [code]
persist/test/c_vector.hpp [code]
chardata.h [code]
cloneable_object.hpp [code]
codepage.h [code]
comparable_object.hpp [code]
composite_object.hpp [code]
composition_object.hpp [code]
reflect/config.hpp [code]
persist/config.hpp [code]
context.cpp [code]
context.hpp [code]
deletable_object.hpp [code]
dumpobj.cpp [code]
dumpobj.hpp [code]
expat.h [code]
expat_config.h [code]
vms/expat_config.h [code]
filemap.h [code]
reflect/test/foo.cpp [code]
persist/test/foo.cpp [code]
reflect/test/foo.hpp [code]
persist/test/foo.hpp [code]
generic.cpp [code]
generic.hpp [code]
generic_context.cpp [code]
generic_context.hpp [code]
iasciitab.h [code]
importable_object.hpp [code]
internal.h [code]
jscript_object_nav_errors.h [code]
jscript_object_navigator.cpp [code]
jscript_object_navigator.hpp [code]
latin1tab.h [code]
member.hpp [code]
member_visitor.cpp [code]
member_visitor.hpp [code]
nameable_object.hpp [code]
nametab.h [code]
object.hpp [code]
object_navigator.hpp [code]
object_visitor.cpp [code]
object_visitor.hpp [code]
outerable_object.hpp [code]
parse.cpp [code]
parse.hpp [code]
parseobj.cpp [code]
parseobj.hpp [code]
parseobj_opts.h [code]
persistable_object.hpp [code]
pretendable_object.hpp [code]
ref_object.cpp [code]
common/ref_object.hpp [code]
reflect/ref_object.hpp [code]
reflect/test/root.cpp [code]
persist/test/root.cpp [code]
reflect/test/root.hpp [code]
persist/test/root.hpp [code]
test_base.cpp [code]
test_base.hpp [code]
reflect/test/unit_test.cpp [code]
persist/test/unit_test.cpp [code]
utf8tab.h [code]
vector_object.cpp [code]
common/vector_object.hpp [code]
reflect/vector_object.hpp [code]
visitable_object.hpp [code]
winconfig.h [code]
writeobj.cpp [code]
writeobj.hpp [code]
xmlfile.h [code]
xmlmime.h [code]
xmlrole.h [code]
xmltchar.h [code]
xmltok.h [code]
xmltok_impl.h [code]
xmlurl.h [code]

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