C++ XML Objects Use: Delayed Objects

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For extremely large object schemas, loading the entire schema just to access a few objects is wasteful and time consuming (especially on my old mac). So a system of delayed loading can be turned on.

Whenever an "import" or "xi:include" is encountered by the XML parser, another object "xmlobhj_delayed" is created and that file is not loaded. Whenever it is necessary to look inside the object, it is loaded and looked at.


When you derived your own "xmlobj_context" for your objects, override the method "delayed_loading()" and return "true" instead of false. This turns the feature on.

The way delayed loading is done greatly complicates the way in which objects are created, so for small systems, it probably makes more sense to turn this off.

Whenever you "import" or "xi:include" an object, for this feature to work at it's best you should actually provide a "name=" attribute on the tag with the name of the object that is inside the include.

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