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parse.hpp File Reference

#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "../config.hpp"

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namespace  ph
namespace  ph::persist
namespace  ph::persist::xml

Data Structures

class  ph::persist::xml::parse_progress
class  ph::persist::xml::parse


#define S(_S)   _S
#define PARSE_SUCCESS   0
#define PARSE_XMLERROR   2
#define PARSE_NOFILE   3


typedef XML_ParserStruct * XML_Parser
typedef char XML_Char
typedef std::string xmlstring

Define Documentation

#define S _S   )     _S

Definition at line 29 of file parse.hpp.

Referenced by ph::persist::xml::parse::attr(), ph::persist::xml::parse::attrval(), ph::persist::xml::parse::decodexmldata(), ph::persist::xml::parse::encodexmldata(), and ph::persist::xml::parse::expectedattr().

#define PARSE_SUCCESS   0

Definition at line 33 of file parse.hpp.

Referenced by ph::persist::xml::parse::doparse(), ph::persist::xml::parse::parse_xml(), ph::persist::xml::parse::parsestream(), and ph::persist::xml::parse::startparse().


Definition at line 34 of file parse.hpp.

Referenced by ph::persist::xml::parse::doparse().

#define PARSE_XMLERROR   2

Definition at line 35 of file parse.hpp.

Referenced by ph::persist::xml::parse::error().

#define PARSE_NOFILE   3

Definition at line 36 of file parse.hpp.

Referenced by ph::persist::xml::parse::doparsefile().

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct XML_ParserStruct* XML_Parser

Definition at line 20 of file parse.hpp.

typedef char XML_Char

Definition at line 27 of file parse.hpp.

typedef std::string xmlstring

Definition at line 28 of file parse.hpp.

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